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Call Bud any time M-F 10 am 4pm (530) 824-4820 1691 South Street • Corning, CA 96021

Reel Evaluation Fee

All reels are subject to a $10.00 inspection fee. We disassemble and examine the reel to determine the reels condition. Our inspection will find out which parts maybe needed. A parts list is created with cost.   The inspection will reveal the level of cleaning, light, medium, heavy, extra heavy. Sometimes your favorite reel has damage so bad it cannot be repaired or sometimes the necessary parts to fix your reel are no longer available.  Once we have your reels condition we will call and explain our findings. At that time you have the option to continue with the clean, service, and or upgraded or have the reel returned. Authorize us to continue and the Evaluation fee will be deducted from your total.

How long will it take to service your reel? That is a good question.  

Even with a million parts there are occasions the part needed is not in stock and has to be ordered. If the part is located on the East coast the travel time is 5 to 10 business day via first class mail.

If your reel is just dirty (light, medium) needing cleaning, oiling, lube and adjusting the normal turnaround time is 2 to 3 days,  (heavy, extra heavy) 3 to 5 plus travel time.

Cost of Reel Servicing

Fresh Water Reels, Spinning and Bait Casting $15 to $25.00 plus parts and return shipping.

Deep Sea, Conventional Reels $30 to $60 plus parts and return shipping.

Cost of  Shipping

We return  your reel via 2 Priority Mail 2-Day™ Flat Rate Box. Cost is determined by your zip code and the size of box required to hold your reel. Visit  Select the box size that will hold your reel. Enter your zip code and then our zip code 96021 and the calculator will show you the cost of shipping.

No extra cost for picking your reel up at our shop.


Payment is required before for reel is returned. To expedite reel repair include the $10.00 evaluation fee by money order or paypal and we will inspect your reel upon arrival and call you with our inspection report.

Reels sent in for repair will be held for 30 days after you authorize the repair to be paid for.  Should you fail to do so the reel may be sold for the cost of the repair.

We also accept Visa, Mastercard, thru Paypal.